My name is Jon Whitman and I started drawing at an early age working with my father Maurice Whitman, comic artist for DC Comics, Charlton Comics, and Fiction House along with many other publishing companies.



Most of my formal art training came from my dad and my enrollment in the School of Art & Design, NYC and the NY Art Students League of Lower Manhattan. At the age of 15, I lost most of my left hand in a 4th of July explosives accident. I was always interested in tattooing, though I knew with one hand I would have many hurdles to overcome to become the best tattoo artist I could be.  My first tattoos were done at Big Joe Kaplan's where I hung around and was getting tattooed at with my older brother.  The earliest influences on me were the crew of Big Joe, Zeke Owen who did my first tattoo, and Louie Lombi. At the age of 16, my father knew that tattooing was going to be my niche in life, and he often took me out of the city to visit Huck Spaulding MFG in Vorheesville, NY where I first met Huck Spaulding and Paul Rogers who were incredibly welcoming and helpful to me through that time.  When I then moved to CT my father knew a tattoo artist in New Haven, who owned The Illustrated Man, Peggy Spargo, who took me on as an apprentice.  I soon went on to open my first tattoo studio, Irezumi Designs, and we then expanded to open up two more shops, Bare Necessities and Murder Ink. 



After becoming ill with diabetes, I closed my shops in Connecticut and moved to Vermont where I went to Mountainside Tattoo in Bellows Falls, VT. After two years of being with Mountainside and brushing up on some new-school ways of tattooing, I trained Rachel Brown, a very talented artist, who then went on to open Strange Brew Tattoo in Brattleboro, VT. While I still have a deep love for old-school tattooing, I am now enjoying the opportunity to expand my knowledge of new styles of tattooing. Being old-school, and loving traditional tattooing, Sailor Jerry, Lyle Tuttle, and Zeke Owens are icons I look up to. I also have specialty experience in the field of cosmetic and surgical reconstructive tattooing; I am licensed and I still perform this service under the supervision of Dr. Joel B. Singer of Imperial Plastic Surgery in Westport, CT.

Growing up in southern Vermont, I have had a strong love for art since childhood and grew up spending time practicing my love for creating. Originally born in Boston, MA and enjoying visits to the museum from a very early age, my eyes were first opened to art by the European masters by whom I am forever inspired.

Other inspirations of mine are rooted in Golden Age comics, classic horror films, as well as Rock 'n Roll and Heavy Metal having an enormous impact on my life and artwork. An ongoing

appreciation and enthusiasm for history and underground art propelled my attraction to

the world of tattooing, where I was first introduced to as a kid flipping through my oldest brother's copy of Spider Webb's "Pushing Ink".


After graduating Arlington Memorial High School in 2009, I attended Parsons The New School

for Design in NYC when awarded a scholarship for skills in fashion design by the

Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), Teen Vogue Magazine, and Target

department stores. After exploring and experiencing everything NYC offered, I decided that fashion design was not the career for me since at that point tattooing remained an irresistable attraction.  I decided that tattooing was what I needed to dedicate myself to and pursued a proper apprenticeship in my home state of VT.  I began my apprenticeship in 2011 with Jon Whitman, a tattooist and body piercer of over 40 years who taught me the procedures, artistry, and history of the craft.  Ever since then, I have proudly served in building a successful studio that our clients and community can rely on.    


Beyond tattooing, I enjoy making visual art in many other mediums,

especially oil painting and portait drawing.  My favorite tattoo to do is whatever is asked of me, applying it with my best quality every time and providing a positive experience you'll remember well!

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