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We do not charge hourly for tattooing, we charge by the piece.  We determine cost based on size, detail, style, color vs. black and grey, and body placement of the tattoo. 

If a tattoo is to be done in soft-tissue areas such as the stomach, inner bicep, ribs, neck, etc. the cost is higher because these are slower and more demanding areas to tattoo.

We are not able to provide price estimates over the phone without seeing the work, therefore to get an estimate on cost before booking your tattoo you can send us a picture of your idea through email or via our chat link below.  We need to know roughly what size and placement on the body in order to give you an idea of cost, so please provide that info when you contact us.


When contacting us for an appointment or cost estimate, please include whether you have a specific budget range you want to stay within, because we can often design tattoos to varying detail to accommodate your budget.   

Our current shop minimum is $100, which would be considered any small simple outline/blackwork type of tattoo such as small script or symbols.  We add an additional $20 per color added to a shop minimum tattoo. 


For spontaneous clients, we have a large wall sheet of small pieces varying from minimum $100 to $120 tattoos.  For the adventurous clients, we have a mystery machine of Tattoos of Fate to try your hand at for $100-$140.  All tattoo aftercare products are an additional $20.  As always, we price our shop wall-flash designs in person; there are plenty of fun and bright designs to pick from!  

We are cash only.



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