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Maurice Whitman tribute

Tribute from Jonathan Whitman:

This tribute page was built not only to honor my dad's death, but to celebrate his life. My father, Maurice Whitman, was a self-taught artist and had no formal training in art. He was born June 10th, 1922 and passed away May 10th, 1982. His lengthy career as an artist was spent with such comic companies as Fiction House, Planet Comics, Charlton Press, DC Comics. He drew many characters including Sheena, Ka'anga, Wonder Woman, and many more. At an early age my Dad started me off inking the black work on his pages of comic art and gave me more complicated pages to do as time progressed. My father was one of the most diverse and versatile artists I have ever seen. Since I was a little kid, I think I was his greatest fan. He also had a great love of water and boats. He moved to City Island in the Bronx, NY where he opened an art gallery where he created many oil paintings and sketches. I have collected much of his art over all these years but it is a small percentage of what's out there. I continue to collect every piece of his I can find to preserve it. I am who I am and where I am today as a result of the gift of art my dad passed down to me.  I am forever grateful to my father and best friend. Thank you Dad for always being there and for teaching me not to conform but rather to always think outside of the box when need be.

Always and forever, your son Jonny.


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